About the reviewer

Hi, I’m Margo Ander, and long before I started writing my own stories, I was devouring other people’s stories. I still do. My tastes in reading material have changed over the years, shifting from (outside school) 100% fiction to more like 50% fiction/non-fiction. Certainly, the time I have available to curl up with a book has dramatically diminished over the years.

In my author life, I’m a member of two on-line critique groups and regularly read stuff that isn’t quite what I’d read for entertainment. I critique and try to help other authors improve and fine-tune their manuscripts, and they return the favor. I’d resent reviewing a book that obviously hadn’t been put through a similar wringer and not only wasted my recreational time, but also time I might otherwise have spent constructively critiquing serious authors or working on my own stories.

One of the great things about being an author is being able to enjoy other authors’ works without feeling I’m in competition with them. Every author’s voice is unique, and readers aren’t limited in how many authors they can enjoy. That’s what this blog is all about. I’m like a lot of readers searching for a good book to read. I only have so much time, and I’d rather spend it reading than searching. Likewise with reviewing. I’d rather review a book I enjoyed rather than one I didn’t. For one thing, I don’t finish books I don’t enjoy, and I don’t see the point in reviewing a partial read. There are too many unenjoyable books available, traditionally and independently published, that a negative review accomplishes nothing for a reader–there are a lot of reasons not to like a book, most of them subjective. Rather than focus on the negative, I’d rather focus on the positive and tell about books I’m glad I read.


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